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The 2024 presidential primary elections take place in all 50 states and territories to select candidates who will represent political parties in the general presidential election. Check upcoming dates and deadlines for your state and political party.

Privacy Policy

Policy and Privacy Notice

Last Updated December 2023 does not collect your personal information. offers a web-based form filler tool with improved accessibility features to help eligible voters fill out the mail-in registration form. Unlike many other web-based registration tools, does not store any user-provided information. built the registration form filler tool in partnership with the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), and all information requested from you in the registration form comes directly from the EAC. When states provide updates to the EAC, those updates will be reflected in the registration form filler tool on does not have a federal database of voters.

The federal government does not have a federal database of voters. If you are using the registration form filler tool on to make changes to your information, you are reporting a change directly to your state. Your information is not being saved or updated in a federal database.

Your information is stored on your device, not on

When you complete the registration form on, your web browser renders a PDF that you can save on your device (whether a computer, phone, or tablet). Your information is not being stored on federal government servers. Closing your web browser will clear your information. If you close the web browser before completing the registration form, you will have to start over filling out the form. does not use cookies. uses standard Google Analytics tracking, which tracks anonymous data such as clicks and time spent on pages. We do not track personally identifiable information (PII) or IP addresses.

If you’re using a public machine (such as a library computer), we recommend that you do the following to keep your information safe:

  • Delete the generated PDF with your information if you downloaded it on the public machine, then empty the trash on this device.
  • Close the page and web browser after you’ve completed the form. Since the webpage does not automatically time out, your information will remain on the page until you refresh or close the page.

If you have questions or concerns

If you have questions about the registration form filler tool on, please contact:

If you have questions or concerns about the information being requested by your state, please contact your state or local election office.