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The 2024 presidential primary elections take place in all 50 states and territories to select candidates who will represent political parties in the general presidential election. Check upcoming dates and deadlines for your state and political party.

Accessibility Statement

At, we’re committed to accessibility. It is our policy to ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities, has full and equal access to voting resources. The website relies on certain technologies to make sure it works well with tools that help people with disabilities access information on websites. These technologies include HTML, WAI-ARIA, CSS and JavaScript. They make sure the site is easy to use with screen readers, screen magnifiers, speech-recognition software and other assistive technologies.


Accessibility statement

The team is committed to creating an accessible website for all voters, including people who have difficulty seeing, hearing, operating computer hardware, or who experience cognitive or learning challenges. We also seek to reach underserved people, including those whose primary language is not English. Accessibility is an ongoing effort, and we seek to improve our site by providing regular training for the employees who write our content, create our documents, and build our website.

How we support and maintain accessibility

We ensure the accessibility of by:

  • Manually testing content for keyboard and screen reader accessibility
  • Using semantic section headings to organize the content
  • Allowing people to use the keyboard to access all links and interactive parts of our website
  • Including “skip to main content” functionality
  • Adding code to external links to announce “opening in new window” for screen readers
  • Providing detailed alt text for images, icons, and logos
  • Engaging real people in the translation of content to deliver context and user experience
  • Allowing users to resize text according to preference

Our accessibility standards

We design our web pages to meet or exceed the Section 508 standards, which are the technical requirements that ensure we’re complying with federal Section 508 law. We also conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, the web's governing body) and their Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, which can be found on the W3C website. We meet Level AA standards, which means our content is accessible to most people in most circumstances.

Consultant and Testing

We have retained an independent expert consultant to conduct continuous audits via automated and manual testing to assess and improve accessibility.


  • is compatible with most major Internet browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
  • content can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Accessibility help, feedback, and formal complaints

Email us at for questions, comments, or formal complaints about the accessibility of You may also choose to fill out the form below. Our team is able to respond to your questions, comments, or concerns in both English and Spanish.

When contacting us, please include:

  • The web address, also known as a URL. A typical URL could be or
  • The device and browser you are using to access
  • The assistive technology you are using, if any
  • A description of the problem and any information that isn’t accessible

Note: We monitor during normal business hours Monday through Friday Eastern Time except for federal holidays or closures.

For additional accessibility help, fill out the form above in either English or Spanish.

For questions, comments, or formal complaints about the accessibility of any content, email

Page reviewed and updated July 2023.

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